Shirley’s Needs Your Help | Please Share

Shirley’s Needs Your Help | Please Share

Hello Friends, the COVID-19 crisis has devastated the bar and live music industries. Millions of bar tenders and musicians have lost their income for the foreseeable future. However, the bills for Shirley’s, our staff, and our musicians have not stopped. “Deferment” of bills means only one thing — The bills will still be there, accumulate and need to be paid whether it’s in 2 months, 3 months or 4 months once this storm passes. Not having a kitchen means we are unable to generate revenue from food delivery or have other means to create consistent income during this time.

Here is how you can help your favorite piano bar the next few months:

1. If you have the ability, we ask that you please continue to spend money at Shirley’s as you normally would. What does that mean? You can make a major impact by purchasing Shirley’s gift cards for yourself and your friends which you’ll then be able to redeem once we’re allowed to open again late Spring. This will help us not get overloaded/behind with bills as well as help support our staff while we are closed. It will also at the same time give you and your friends something to look forward to once we’re all able to leave our houses again! You can purchase Shirley’s gift cards online here:

2. We have set up a VIRTUAL TIP JAR to collect tips that will go directly to our incredible bartenders and pianists. Similarly we ask you to please tip as you normally would drinking and singing the night away at Shirley’s. You can do that here:

We greatly appreciate your support during his time and are incredibly excited to have you COME SING once again when this crisis is all over! For now please stay home and stay healthy. We’ll be here with a cold drink, wonderful live music and more unforgettable nights in a few months. Thank you again.

Love & Blessings,

The Shirley’s Family

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