Our Story

Who is Shirley? We are so glad you asked! Our story begins with a beautiful lady named Shirley Engblom.

Shirley’s husband Verne was an incredible musician – writing and performing music everywhere as the lead singer of the Handlebar Four & the Shy Guys.

For years, Verne & Shirley were known to host the best parties and events at their home in Skokie, IL. Gatherings almost always included live music, delicious drinks & laughter. Verne was the piano man & Shirley was the social butterfly.

Together, they were always the life of the party.

Our Vision

Shirley’s was created with legacy in mind. We are a uniquely intimate piano bar venue offering incredible live entertainment, delicious drinks & unforgettable memories. Just like Shirley, we will always be continually committed to providing a fun, safe & special experience to all of our guests.